We are on hiatus for the summer but happy to book private group classes!

We are always happy to book private classes. We require a minimum of 8 guests with a maximum of 14. Classes can be scheduled any Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evening. Please contact Kristin kristin@hookedinc.ca for further information!

price of classes does not include HST

Fall & Early Winter Scheduled Classes

price of classes does not include HST

classes include all equipment, recipes, snacks and dinner

all classes are held at our Leslieville location (888 Queen Street East)

We will be adding our Fall schedule to the website in  late August. If you’d like to be on our mailing list, please send an email to kristin@hookedinc.ca To get an idea of our class offerings, please see below for class descriptions.

Wednesday January 14th 2015 7:30pm

Fishmongering 101: Practical/Hands On

Filet-a-fish? Me? Yes, you! The gang at Hooked is going to show you how to filet fish, pan fry & even make an accompanying sauce. Trust us, we'll make you look REALLY good for your next dinner party.

$75     SOLD OUT

Wednesday January 28th 2015 7:30PM

Fish Cooking 101: Demo/Some Hands On

The basics of fish cookery: steaming, slow baking and pan frying. All of the tricks, along with a few marinades and sauces to make your fish dinners chef-worthy. Easy peasy.

$75   SOLD OUT

Wednesday February 11th 2015 7:30PM

Oyster Shucking 101: Practical/Hands On

Shuck ON. Get the basics on our favourite bivalve. Where oysters grow, their role in the ocean, what makes each one unique. Learn how to shuck and slurp like a pro.

$75    SOLD OUT

Wednesday February 25th 2015 7:30PM

Fish Cooking 201: Demo/Some Hands On

Advanced basics of fish cookery: pan roasting, grilling and poaching. With loads of tricks from our chef instructors and a little practice, you’ll be whipping up restaurant-style dinners at home in no time flat.

$75   SOLD OUT

Wednesday March 11th 2015 7:30PM

Shrimp and Molluscs: Demo/Some Hands On

The basics of shrimp, scallops, clams, mussels and squid. Focused techniques plus a wealth of information to boost your cooking confidence. Bam.

$75     SOLD OUT

Wednesday April 1st  2015 7:30PM

Middle Eastern Fish: Demo/Hands On

balık bomba olduğunu(in Turkish) translates to


Traditional fish cooking techniques and dishes from Israel, Lebanon, Turkey, Morocco, and beyond. Expand your pantry and broaden your home cooking horizons with fresh and vibrant flavours from the Middle East.

$75     SOLD OUT

Wednesday April 29th 2015 7:30PM

South East Asian: Demo/Some Hands On

กินปลามากขึ้น - (in Thai) translates to EAT MORE FISH!

Traditional fish cooking techniques and dishes from Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. Luscious cooking recipes for two or more.

$75   SOLD OUT

Wednesday May 13th 2015 7:30PM

Japanese Fish: Demo/Some Hands On

魚はあなたのために良いです!(in Japanese) translates to


Unleash your inner Jiro. Go beyond sushi. Sashimi, Hot Pot, Broiled, Grilled, Pickled and more. Traditional fish preparation techniques to help broaden your scope of home fish cookery. Awesome. 素晴らしい$75   SOLD OUT

Wednesday May 27th 2015 7:30PM

Whole Fish: Demo/Some Hands On (A)

One fish, two fish, three fish, whole fish? Grilled, roasted, poached and steamed. 4 different fish, 4 different techniques. This is THE whole fish cooking primer.

$75    SOLD OUT

Wednesday June 10th 2015 7:30PM

Cook It Raw: Demo/Some Hands On

Who needs more heat on an already hot day? Refresh your summer repertoire and broaden your palate with crudo, ceviche, sashimi, cured and brined fish and shellfish. Fresh goodness.

$75   SOLD OUT

Wednesday June 17th 2015 7:30PM

The Smoking Grill: Demo/Some Hands On

Bring the kitchen outside as we learn the basics of brining, marinating and grilling. From fish best suited to the grill, to temperatures and cooking times, we’ll help you feel at ease cooking in the great outdoors.

$75    SOLD OUT

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