Private group classes at Hooked

We are always happy to book private classes. We require a minimum of 8 guests with a maximum of 14. Classes can be scheduled any Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evening. Please contact Kristin for further information!

price of classes does not include HST

Fall & Early Winter Scheduled Classes

price of classes does not include HST

classes include all equipment, recipes, snacks and dinner

all classes are held at our Leslieville location (888 Queen Street East)

Wednesday September 23rd 2015 7:30pm

Fishmongering 101: Practical/Hands On

Filet-a-fish? Me? Yes, you! The gang at Hooked is going to show you how to filet fish, pan fry & even make an accompanying sauce. Trust us, we'll make you look REALLY good for your next dinner party.


Wednesday September 30th 2015 7:30PM

PEI Shellfish Festival : Demo

Our Kendall won the Oceanwise Chowder Chowdown so they’re sending him to compete in Charlottetown! Showcasing the best of the island, Kendall is sharing his entries for Shellfish Fest at Hooked.  Mussels, clams, oysters, crab, lobster... This is going to be good.

$75   SOLD OUT

Wednesday October 7th 2015 7:30PM

Fish Cooking 101: Practical/Hands On

The basics of fish cookery: steaming, slow baking and pan frying. All of the tricks, along with a few marinades and sauces to make your fish dinners chef-worthy. Easy peasy.

$75    SOLD OUT

Wednesday October 14th 2015 7:30PM

Italian Fish: Demo/Some Hands On

mangiare píu pesce! (in Italian) translates to EAT MORE FISH!

Things are about to get pazzo in the kitchen with Kendall! Four dishes, four Italian fish cooking techniques including crudo, zuppa, pasta and risotto. Cosí molto buono!

$75   SOLD OUT

Wednesday October 21st 2015 7:30PM

Fish Cooking 201: Demo/Some Hands On

Advanced basics of fish cookery: pan roasting, grilling and poaching. With loads of tricks from our chef instructors and a little practice, you’ll be whipping up restaurant-style dinners at home in no time flat.

$75    SOLD OUT

Wednesday October 28th  2015 7:30PM

Middle Eastern Fish: Demo/Hands On

balık bomba olduğunu(in Turkish) translates to


Traditional fish cooking techniques and dishes from Israel, Lebanon, Turkey, Morocco, and beyond. Expand your pantry and broaden your home cooking horizons with fresh and vibrant flavours from the Middle East.

$75     SOLD OUT

Wednesday November 4th 2015 7:30PM

Fish Charcuterie 101: Demo/Some Hands On

Or as we like to call it at Hooked, FISHcuterie. Learn the basics of using the whole fish in new ways at home. Fish pâté, sausage, gravlax and different curing methods. This is a game changer.

$75   BOOK NOW

Wednesday November 11th 2015 7:30PM

Thai Fish: Demo/Some Hands On

ปลาเป็นสิ่งที่ดีสำหรับคุณ(in Thai) translates to


Traditional fish cooking techniques and dishes from Thailand. We are so lucky to have a bonafide Thai chef on our team! Sarinya will guide your through the cooking of her native land. Luscious cooking recipes for two or more.

$75   SOLD OUT

Wednesday November 18th 2015 7:30PM

Whole Fish: Demo/Some Hands On (A)

One fish, two fish, three fish, whole fish? Grilled, roasted, poached and steamed. 4 different fish, 4 different techniques. This is THE whole fish cooking primer.

$75    SOLD OUT

Wednesday November 25th 2015 7:30PM

Fish Charcuterie 201: Demo/Some Hands On

The advanced basics of fishcuterie at Hooked. Brining and smoking fish and shellfish at home, using both hot and cold smoking methods. More complex restaurant recipes including terrine making. We will teach you how to work with what you’ve got at home to achieve epic results.

$75   BOOK NOW

Wednesday December 2nd 2015 7:30PM

French Fish: Demo/Some Hands On

Hee, hee, hee. Honh, honh, honh. Les poissons, les poissons!

Let’s face it, the French know their fish. French cooking methods are fundamental to the way we cook and eat. The French love butter. This is going to be a good class. Butter poaching, roulade making, tartare... Magnifique!

$75    SOLD OUT

Wednesday December 9th 2015 7:30PM

Holiday Fish Fest: Demo/Some Hands On

It’s time to spoil yourself and the pescatarians in your life. ‘Tis the season... Beautiful hors d’oeuvres, accomplished appetizers and rich mains. Fa la la la la! 

$75   SOLD OUT

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