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Hooked is a fish shop run by chefs. We sell 100% responsibly sourced fish and shellfish.



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A breaking news story:

HOOKED will be opening a new location inside the ROWE FARMS store on Bayview Ave. The “store within a store” will be operational during the first week of June. 

This location will be staffed by Hooked employees and offer all of the same high quality and carefully sourced fish and seafood that the Leslieville and Kensington Market  locations currently do. Customers will have the knowledge and expertise of specially trained staff and the convenience of using a single check out for both Hooked and Rowe Farms purchases. 

Like the Rowe Farms stores, the location will be open 7 days per week. The Hooked counter will continue to open at 11 am - once the day's fish have arrived from source.

This is a cooperative arrangement between the two independent businesses and builds on the similarity of values and the neighbourhood store front design to offer customers better access to carefully sourced seafood. Discussions are underway to expand this pilot to other Rowe Farms locations later this year.

We look forward to seeing you in our new ‘hood!

Kristin and Dan

Thank you  Toronto! So proud to be your #1 Fishmonger

We are open

7days a week in LEASIDE!!!!!

Hooked at

1617 Bayview Avenue

in Rowe Farms


Thrilled to have been part of the inaugural issue!

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