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Hooked is a fish shop run by chefs. We sell 100% sustainably sourced fish and shellfish.



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Queen Streetcars 501, 503


416 828 1861

Finally. Spring.

The fresh Pacific & Great Lakes fishing season is upon us, and not a minute too soon. Spot prawns are just around the corner!

We will have these beautiful fish in fairly consistent supply at both shops in the coming weeks:

  1. pacific halibut, Tofino & Haida Gwaii BC

  2. ling cod, Haida Gwaii BC

  3. sablefish (black cod), Haida Gwaii BC

  4. spring salmon (king/chinook), Tofino BC

  5. pickerel, Wheatley ON

  6. white & yellow perch, Wheatley ON

  7. silver bass & catfish, Wheatley ON

  8. whitefish, Georgian Bay ON

Please call 416.828.1861 to pre-order.

Hope to see you in the shop very soon,

Kristin and Dan